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   Grace Covenant Church

       Sharing. Caring. Equipping.


Since we started our group last August, we come to realize that we are Oaks to lift each other up, to connect, and grow to become the women God intended. Check out our links to our group discussions from 2013.


The year 2014 has already brought us some new faces and fresh ideas. Because we took a few weeks off during the Christmas season, our first meeting of 2014 was a refresher course from the previous sessions. This year we will be taking a look at women of the Bible and how even now we can relate to their own trials and reactions to situation they went through. We have already studied Abigail and her personal traits. It was a great learning experience. Also 2014 will bring us some creative outlets. If anything has shown us in our meeting of the last couple of months, 2014 is going to a great year for us women.